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VetEkipp's products fill an important need when it comes to your pet. It brings the field of animal nutrition science into the everyday life of outpatient practice and makes it accessible to all veterinarians.

In recent years, veterinarians have increasingly found that there is a growing demand for home-based diets on the part of dog and cat owners. Home-based diets are also often part of the clinician's diagnosis and treatment plan, and so needs to be implemented for the patients in order for them to get better.

The demand for these products have become increasingly urgent in the veterinary world, especially for pets. There is now a critical need for a computer tool that can accurately and precisely formulate personalized home-based diets for dogs and cats, whatever their nutritional needs may be, and whether they be healthy or sick. Dr. Ricci and Danesi have created a VetMenu Program. This software leverages the very latest knowledge in the field of animal nutrition and is backed by ongoing meticulous research. The VetEkipp team wanted to put this tool in the hands of their colleagues, as well as dog and cat nutritionists everywhere.

VetMenu Program is an important tool because formulating a balanced home-based diet is not easy. A nutritional program must be built on the specific needs of the individual animal. Formulating the proper diet for a pet requires additional knowledge about dog and cat nutrition. A home-based diet for dogs or cats also has to take into account numerous factors that may affect the animal's daily energy intake, including breed, age, ambient temperature, temperament and daily activity, reproductive condition, and health condition.
The VetMenu Program allows the veterinarian to formulate home-based diets for his patients in a practical, fast and balanced way. It was conceived, designed and implemented by Medical Veterinarians for Medical Veterinarians. This makes it unique as both the design and implementation of the software are entirely based on science and the need for a simple but professional tool when it comes to outpatients.

The VetMenu Program includes the following:
  • A database containing more than 170 foods - divided into categories - and over 20 supplements: the user can customize the database by adding his pet's favorite foods/supplements at any time;
  • A master record for the owner with a summary of all the relevant data of the pet (personal details, visit cards and diets) of each animal;
  • An individual master record where you can enter all the data for the calculation of energy requirements;
  • A form for calculating all the nutritional requirements, which can be modified at any time by the veterinarian according to the needs of the animal;
  • A sheet containing the complete diet formulation of all nutrients, with space for up to 13 foods. Print or save the diets and view the Fediaf 2016 guidelines in pdf format.
Download the demo version and try the VetMenu Program for yourself!

64-bit operating system required

VetMenu Program

The VetMenu Program is also featured on YouTube with a dedicated channel where clinical vets can watch video tutorials about how to use the software
Go to the YouTube channel
* We recommend that you read the Software Use License Agreement carefully before accepting the Disclaimer.
All Vet Integra line supplements have been formulated and are produced with high quality raw materials to ensure that our patients are fed with a quality home-based diet, whether they are healthy or chronically sick. There is always a perfect product to properly balance their nutritional needs .

All of our products are gluten-free and free of any ingredients that originate from animals. They are therefore perfect for pathologies where the immune response needs to be controlled, which is especially important in therapy related to, for example, food allergies , IBD, gastritis and chronic enteritis with an eosinophilic component.

Products for specific pathologies, such as Vet Integra Renal and Vet Integra Epato, are unique in their category and have been studied and formulated to ensure the best absorption of minerals and vitamins for animals suffering from renal disease. From those of IRIS category 1, to liver disease.

Importantly, Vet Integra Renal has a very low phosphorus content. Phosphorus has been scientifically proven to be one of the major contributors to the progression of renal disease. The product also has reduced sodium and an increased concentration of antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C, as well as a higher Selenium component; Vet Integra Epato, on the other hand, has a reduced copper content and an increased proportion of zinc, selenium and antioxidants.

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